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  • Lifting Gear Inspections – What are they Exactly?

    Lifting equipment is used in a whole range of industries, from construction to engineering and shipping to mining. Regardless of the sector that it is being used within or the purpose it is being used for, it will be subject to a high degree of stress, strain and pressure. The equipment is designed for situations such as this, and is built to be long-lasting. Made from tough metals or other materi...
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  • How Wire Rope Products Can Deliver ROI for Your Business

    A lifting operation generally involves many moving parts and pieces, and won’t rely on only one piece of equipment alone. For example, an operation will typically be comprised of a crane, a hoist, and a lifting medium. While the cranes and the hoists can vary greatly in nature, the lifting medium is generally almost always one of three types; chains, webbing slings, or wire rope. While of course...
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  • Crane Scales – Massively Important for Lifting Safety

    For anyone operating with lifting equipment, which can be in a whole range of industries, lifting safety will be at the forefront of your minds. Whether it’s huge industrial operations, or it’s just small one-time jobs, proper precautions and safety measures must be in place to ensure a smooth and accident-free operation. Because of this, a range of additional tools and gear have been created ...
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  • The Benefits of Buying an Aluminium Gantry Crane

    A quick look at our lifting equipment product section will show you that we certainly aren’t short on offering our customers and clients a wide range of high-quality equipment. While this choice is great, we understand that sometimes it can be hard deciding which piece of equipment may be best for you. For instance, why choose an aluminium gantry crane over a standard steel mobile gantry crane? ...
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  • How to Control Swaying of Loads in Lifting Operations

    With any lifting operation, there are many things that you need to think about and to consider. There are often dozens of moving parts and pieces involved, and there can be several factors involved with the planning of said operation. One factor that you must account for during the planning process is for the swaying of loads, something that can naturally happen during lifting. We’ve explained m...
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  • How to Choose a Winch Which Works for Your Business

    We have a range of high quality winches here at Lifting Gear Direct. As with many of the categories of products that we stock, we have a number of different items, each offering their own benefits and unique features. For that reason, here we have laid out a general guide to winches which will help you decide which is the right one for your business. What are winches? A winch is loosely described ...
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  • Height Safety Legislation and Standards in the UK

    Those operating within the lifting gear industry will find that working at height is often a common task that must be performed. Perhaps it’s at great towering heights on large construction projects, or maybe it’s just a few metres off the ground. Regardless of whatever height you are working at, it’s imperative that the right steps are taken to ensure that workers remain safe and protected ...
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  • 8 FAQs About Lifting Slings

    Lifting slings are one of the many types of lifting equipment products that we offer here. As you can see from our site, we have 12 different categories of lifting equipment alone, so you’d be forgiven for sometimes wondering which may be the best for your operation! For that reason, here we have put together a handy little guide, focusing on eight of the most frequently asked questions that we ...
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  • What is an Air Hoist?

    Hoists and hoisting equipment make up one of the largest categories of our lifting equipment. Within this fairly large category are sub-categories, with dozens of items and gear included. For this reason, it can often be hard filtering down between the equipment, and deciding which is best for your operation. So, here we have laid out a bitesize article on air hoists. The quick definition Before g...
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  • Merry Christmas 2017 and Happy New Year 2018 from Lifting Gear Direct

    From all of us here at Lifting Gear Direct, we would like to wish you, whether simply an avid reader of our blog or a loyal customer, a Merry Christmas 2017! Looking back at a great year It’s a been a great year for us here. As ever, it’s been a busy year, but we’ve found ourselves growing over the past few months. We’ve welcomed new clients and customers on board, helping with dozens of l...
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